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LPG Emergency


If you suspect a gas leak please contact our 24 hour emergency helpline

07876 250247

This number cannot be used if you have run out of gas as our phone operator only has access to out of hours engineering services. Our duty engineers have no access to delivery vehicles or are able to arrange deliveries.

What to do in an LPG Emergency

  • DO carefully assess the situation before approaching
  • DO open all doors and windows if the leak is inside the property
  • DO stay upwind of any escaping LPG
  • DO turn off the gas supply on wall of property
  • DO switch off the supply at gas tank only if safe to do so
  • DO ensure a safe route of escape
  • DO NOT smoke or light matches
  • DO NOT switch on or off electrical switches or devices
  • DO NOT use a mobile phone/torch within the affected area
  • DO NOT search for leaks using a naked flame
  • DO NOT come into contact with LPG, as it can cause severe cold burns and is highly flammable

If your tank is involved in a property fire or if the tank is on fire

  1. Move to a safe distance away from the tank
  2. Call 999 from a safe location
  3. Inform operator that the fire involves an LPG Tank
  4. Do not attempt to fight the fire

24 Hour Emergency LPG Emergency Helpline

07876 250247

General LPG Gas Safety

LPG, both propane and butane, are twice as heavy as air. This means that LPG will always sink to the lowest point and can remain there for long time periods. In a still atmosphere you may not smell LPG sitting at floor level.

LPG is non toxic but at high concentrations can be an asphyxiant. LPG also has anaesthetic properties.

LPG is extremely cold and it can cause severe cold burns if it touches the skin.

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