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Bulk LPG

Commercial, Industrial and Domestic

Domestic Bulk LPG for your Home

Bulk tanks are used to provide LPG to homes that are not connected to the mains network. LPG can be used to power Boilers, Cookers and gas fires within the home. Carver Gases supply bulk tanks on a rental basis that includes any maintenance and periodic testing that is needed to the tank. Unlike some gas suppliers we have our own filling/distribution plant, storage site, delivery and supply vehicles.This allows us to remain competitive when you compare LPG prices but still offer the level of service that our customers expect. Carver Gases remain an independent and family owned business proud to not have a call centre or Automated Dialing system. We prefer to invest in operational staff and equipment that allows us to do our job well instead of a huge marketing department and advertising budget. If you are currently supplied by another gas company it is now very easy to change supplier and save on your LPG. You do not need to replace your tank as we will purchase this from your existing supplier. Since the ruling by the competition commission in 2008 your current supplier must sell their tank to whichever supplier you chose. We currently have two options to compare for customers wishing to join Carver Gases for their bulk LPG.

Domestic LPG Fixed Price Rate

We have recently introduced a fixed price rate in response to customer requests. Prices are fixed for the first 12 months of your agreement. In year 2 they are capped at a maximum £0.06 per litre increase. If prices were to increase above this you may transfer out to another supplier with no penalty in the second year.

Carver Gases domestic hire agreements are 24 months in line with the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority).

Many consumers in recent years have been fooled by their supplier into believing that their price is 100% fixed. You will find many website forum complaints to prove that this is not the case. At Carver Gases we like to be upfront with all our customers. Carver Gases will try our utmost to hold prices during fixed price periods, but if wholesale prices at refineries increase by excessive amounts such as during War, natural disaster or shortages prices can change. We would always write to you if this was ever to happen. If you would like further information regarding this we can email our full terms and conditions.

Domestic LPG Variable Rate

When you become a new customer we will issue you with a fixed discount from our List Price. Every week our purchase price is checked and if prices have changed at the refinery our selling price is adjusted accordingly. If you choose this option you are not tied into a long contract and may transfer out to another supplier, or you may move to our fixed rate deal at any time.

Are you ready to change supplier?

Commercial Bulk LPG for Business

LPG is a popular and widely used fuel for Forklift trucks, there are many advantages to using LPG against Diesel or Battery power. LPG can be used for many industrial and commercial uses. It is a portable and highly energy efficient fuel making it the right fuel choice for industrial use. LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available off the national grid.

Bulk LPG can be used in forklift trucks; metal cutting and fabrication; welding and profile cutting; heat treatments, incineration; food processing and asphalt machines

Reasons to Change to LPG for Forklift Trucks

  • Less cylinders required on site
  • No half full cylinders to return
  • Less manual handling issues
  • Cost savings from a bulk supply

To Transfer LPG Supplier

You have three options:

  1. Call us 01902 577110 and ask for a quote.
  2. Complete the quote request on this page
  3. Email us at gases@carvers.co.uk

What happens when we receive your transfer request?

  1. We will send you a supply agreement and transfer document
  2. Complete and return the two documents back to us
  3. We will arrange to inspect your tank and check it meets safety requirements
  4. Once we receive your documents allow two weeks for the tank to transfer
  5. We will contact you as soon as you become a Carver Gases customer


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